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Over 241 Million Monthly Active Twitter Users
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135,000 New Twitter Users Sign Up Everyday
A Typical User Spends 170 Minutes Per Month on Twitter

Why should you use Twitter?

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Faster Way To Index Your New Website
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Instant Feedback From Your Customers
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What is Twidium?

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A smart tool to increase followers of your Twitter accounts & automate the process of generating content

Increase your local or global business audiences (e.g. in your town/city only). Or target the followers of your competitor’s account. Instead of spending time and money on locating the niche users, this tool does it for you. No bots or spam involved.

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Who uses Twidium?

twitter marketing tools users These twitter marketing tools are ideal for anyone who benefits from being popular or from engaging with their potential customers. Twidium is being used by Politicians, DJ's, Entertainers, People in the Business industry, Athletes, Software companies, Magazine publishers, Bloggers & many more!

The story behind Twidium…

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The mission of the Twidium project is to partially (to a reasonable degree, of course) automate the user’s presence in Twitter. We believe that many routine actions can be safely handed over to our tools for increase twitter followers and for generating content. Not because they were made by us, but simply because you live only once – and spending time on something that a program can do is not smart. The time saved by this automation could be used for fulfilling the primary purpose of Twitter, something that no program can do for us – live communication. We are strongly against spam and violation of Twitter’s rules, but support the idea of reasonable automation of routine actions.