Professional tool for generating

content on your Twitter account

Engage with followers automatically & boost your Twitter account presence.

Why use Twidium Accounter?

  • You want to automate the population of your accounts with tweets and replies.
  • You want to monetize your Twitter blog using affiliate traffic.
  • You are a professional promoter or manager of multiple Twitter accounts.


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How does it work?

tool for generating content on your twitter account

Twidium Accounter is a professional tool for generating content on your Twitter account. Release yourself from constantly thinking about new content to post on your Twitter account. This tool helps automate the process of filling your page with content. Simply post tweets about your day-to-day activities and Twidium Accounter will mix these posts with previously generated content, such as: influential quotes of experts from your industry, photos of products, services, & such. You can also enable automatic replies & retweets to maintain a powerful presence without actually spending so much time on Twitter.


Twidium Accounter system requirements: At the moment, we only support the following operating systems: Windows 2000 / Windows XP /Vista /Win 7 / Win 8/8.1.
*Mac OS X version is coming soon.


Twidium Accounter’s essential features

Automated Tweets

Automated Replies

Automated Retweets

Quickly Edit Profiles

Flexible Settings

No Bans!

Instant Reports

Save Tons Of Time

Multi-threaded operation

Full Automation Of Work


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